Healing Hands Body Alignment

Healing Hands Body Alignment

Energy Worker David Halley offers anyone the opportunity to reach their inherent and optimal health through gentle yet profound body work that includes acupressure, craniosacral therapy and light touch.

Mind, Body & Energy

Healing Hands Body Alignment is a place for you to experience gentle yet deep energy medicine. Dave Halley, owner and Energy Worker has a passion to be your guide, using a variety of techniques to bring your life back into alignment.  

Sometimes an old injury or trauma becomes stored as body-memory.  These "blocks" may arise as physical or emotional symptoms that interfere with reaching your full potential today.

Energy work can help you restore balance and achieve deep healing, reduce pain, calm your mind and promote well-being.

Dave Halley has healing hands.  He can help you experience a transformation.

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"I had fallen in the shower, and had considerable residual pain in my lower back. After six weeks of almost constant pain, I asked David if he would help me. Two hours later, he had worked his magic, working his way up my back and my shoulders, essentially moving the pain up and out. When he was done, I felt a lot better for a short while, then gradually the pain returned….until the next morning. When I awakened, I was pain free, and have remained so for the past 6 months. That is what I call a real miracle; and that is why I say, David Halley can work miracles!”

 -Joan Carr