Healing Hands Body Alignment

Healing Hands Body Alignment

Energy Worker David Halley offers anyone the opportunity to reach their inherent and optimal health through gentle yet profound body work that includes acupressure, craniosacral therapy and light touch.


"I first came to Dave because I was suffering from migraine headaches and it had been suggested to me to try positional therapy. Each time I visited with Dave he would layer in more of his specialties and insights. Dave’s approach to healing is broad and the best I have experienced in the realm of bodywork. He deals with the whole human being. He is compassionate, insightful and brilliant at what he does. He seems to have a deep sense of what each individual person needs and is dedicated to catering his practice to getting at the root of that need. I would recommend anyone dealing with chronic pain to visit Dave, and begin on a very transformational and rewarding journey."     Samantha Cullen


"My work with Dave has been such a gift.  The energy work Dave provides is powerful and transformative.  Dave has such compassion and understanding, he is amazing at holding space in a professional manner.  I have been receiving Energy work from Dave monthly for over a year.  I feel lighter and a sense of peace with every session.  I learn a little bit more about myself and my healing journey each session."     Lynette Audy, LMT


"I had fallen in the shower, and had considerable residual pain in my lower back and upper buttocks. After six weeks of almost constant pain, I asked David if he would help me. Two hours later, he had worked his magic, working his way up my back and my shoulders, essentially moving the pain up and out. When he was done, I felt a lot better for a short while, then gradually the pain returned….until the next morning. When I awakened, I was pain free, and have remained so for the past 6 months. That is what I call a real miracle; and that is why I say, “David Halley can work miracles!”     Joan Carr


"Having little or no idea of energetic transformation, the experience was offered to me while in a supportive learning environment. Specifically, my thumb had been severed some years previous then recently had sustained another injury. Direct trauma release was felt within an hour after treatment characterized by increased circulation, loss of hypersensitivity in the area allowing fuller use of my whole hand. The following day, my thumb was markedly stronger and definitely less painful. I unequivocally recommend the practice, and David Halley in particular, as an energetic transformation practitioner."     Janet Pearce Foster, Certified Yoga Therapist